Refinery is a retailer located in Florida. The brand operates 3 locations that carry our Coronado Leather products, and their newest location in Tampa carry's both Laulom and Coronado.

Refinery's philosophy is a proposition — "not one of revolution, but one of return. A return to the roots of America, a time when craftsmanship and quality were valued above machinery and quantity. For us, quality means knowing a product’s story and the artisan who crafted it. It means understanding a product’s origin and evolution. Knowing what makes a product unique helps us convey the story of its journey from conception into the hands of our customers."

In January 2017 Refinery began offering select Laulom products in-store and online. Stop in their store to find a great selection of Laulom and other great brands. 

2223 N Westshore Blvd, Suite 268A
Phone: 239-949-0855


THE LODGE | Manhattan, New York

The Lodge is a New York retailer, located in Manhattan, that is comprised of Made in America accessories for guys. The Lodge | Man Shop in New York City is the only place in the city where you can get Style advice, whiskey, and support American craftsman.

The founder of the Lodge says, "We like cool guy stuff.   We love America.  We started The Lodge to combine these two passions. (we also like women, cars, and whiskey, but more on that later). We have been profoundly impacted by the demise of American manufacturing and are determined to change the trend of Outsourcing jobs overseas by bringing to you the cool work of American brands and craftsmen."  

The Lodge | Man Shop
220 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 777-0350



The Great Republic celebrates the United States in antique, one-of-a-kind offerings as well as made-in-America handcrafted goods. Our products are designed for the individual who puts a premium on unquestioned authenticity and quality of craftsmanship when investing in an exceptional piece of history or handcrafted item--either for themselves or as a gift.

Exploring our offerings is an opportunity to see and own something you won't easily find elsewhere. Leveraging 30-plus years of experience in understanding and sourcing the world’s finest antiques and "off the chart" goods and gifts, we are absolutely confident in our ability to deliver the "wow" during this visit and future visits to our site. 

We embrace the ethos that less is more and seek out items that command your attention--but never at the expense of our guiding principle, which is integrity in the way we do business and the products that we sell. 

In a room where an item from The Great Republic is on display, your guests will be drawn to the item and the story behind it.

The Great Republic
973 Palmer Alley NW, Washington D.C. 20001 
Phone: (202) 682-1812