We are a new brand but our roots run deep in the world of leather goods.  For more than 30 years, my family has been designing and crafting leather products under our sister brand CORONADO LEATHER.  We began with women’s handbags in the 1980’s to premium leather goods today with Laulom.  The core of the brand starts with meticulous American craftsmanship, refined details, and premium leathers.

Each product is cut, folded, turned and worked with our hands.  Authentic American craftsmanship that requires more human touch than machines, in order to create beautiful and distinctive pieces.  We use leathers from the finest tanneries in the world, starting with Chicago based Horween and CF Stead in England.  The designs are classic & clean with an understated elegance that is only found in premium brands.  Each and every piece and process is completed in our San Diego leather shop; the results are products that are timeless, sophisticated and meticulously designed to last a lifetime. We are proudly launching Laulom in September 2016 and hope you will find something that will fit into your daily routine.

Born, Designed & Built In


The smell. The texture. The history of the craft. Leather is at the heart of everything we do and inspires everything we create. History has shown us that the best products and designs are often the most simple simple and intentional. This is apparent in architecture, technology, clothing and leather. Laulom products are designed around the leather, without forcing the details—form that follows nature, larger panels, fewer seams, and solid brass hardware that delivers on function. Progressive West Coast style combined with classic American craftsmanship for intentionally understated, purposeful and beautiful products.