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Horween Shell Cordovan is the artistry of tanning at its finest. While barbers once used this choice leather for sharpening their tools, we prefer to use it for the perfect accessory cases. The shells are vegetable tanned, stuffed, shaved and polished during a six-month process for a rich, glossy, one-of-a-kind result that gets even better with age. There are only a handful of tanneries in the world that produce Shell Cordovan, but we choose and work with only Horween Shell Cordovan leather because of their 100+ years of experience and respect for the true and original process of this artisanal tanning. Each wallet and case is meticulously sewn with a fine German thread, then lightly edge-stained, polished and waxed by hand. The beauty of this leather is fully recognized when its handled and used—the shine and patina that develops over time with our SHL Collection can’t be replicated by any other in the world.