Born in the USA by Liberty Fairs at Pitti

Recently, our CEO, traveled to Italy for Born in the USA by Liberty Fairs at Pitti (no I didn’t get to go), but moving on from that.  Per their website; “Liberty Fairs is a men's contemporary fashion trade event held bi-annually in New York City and Las Vegas. Liberty is freedom, it’s space without boundaries.  We curate the most forward thinking brands and bring them together with the industry’s top buyers in an inspiring design-driven environment.  The blend of commerce and creativity”. All these things are why we truly enjoy attending Liberty Fairs shows.   

A brand normally displays at a trade show for exposure, gain new business contacts and see current clients.  I think for Brent, the purpose was much larger than this.  Brent attended Liberty to introduce Laulom Leather; but also to network, be a student of the fashion environment in Italy, and explore a beautiful city known for their fine leather, wholesome and flavorful cuisine, and fashion.

Getting Brent to Italy was a little tricky.  We hadn’t dealt with transporting goods to Europe before, so when the term “carnet” was introduced to us, we had to do a lot of research.  Next was figuring out whether to ship our merchandise or check it as luggage on the plane.  We went with the latter because it was more cost effective.  Note: a suitcase did get lost, but it showed up in time for the show; a little advice, travel a few days early if you can.

Once the boss made it to Italy...the rest is history.  Check out some of the pictures from his trip.


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